Servicios Útiles Ofrecidos por RentinPunta

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We'd like your stay to be as hassle-free, as eye-opening, and as fun as possible! As a result, while renting out temporary properties will always be our bread-and-butter business, we've teamed up with some great service providers — all of them innovative, reliable, and affordable.


Speaking better Spanish will enrich your life and enhance your personal and business relationships. Spanish has around half a billion speakers worldwide: here in Uruguay, elsewhere in Latin America, in Spain, and, thanks to immigration and trade, increasingly in other countries around the world. Check out these beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses.


We can assist you with car rentals, taxis, and limousines. For larger groups we can make arrangements for a chartered bus or van. While the most common transportation requests are for trips between the regional airport and properties in Punta del Este, we can also accommodate transportation and lodging for those traveling farther away — such as Buenos Aires, Montevideo, or the Uruguayan countryside.


Our affiliated travel agents can help you get great rates on flights and hotel rooms. Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil offer a wide variety of travel destinations. These include such places as Montevideo, Colonia, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and the waterfalls of Iguazú. While some such trips can be costly, our agents have been able to negotiate special "insider" rates with the travel providers — rates normally only available to locals.


Whether you're in Punta del Este or elsewhere in South America, our 24-hour medical hotline can be not only a convenience but also a lifesaver. The hotline's bilingual staff can dispense medical advice, arrange your medication prescriptions, and even locate and schedule an appointment with a bilingual doctor or dentist in private practice.


Our team of private attorneys are bilingual and well versed in the laws of Uruguay, Argentina, the United States, and the European Union. They can assist with any legal issue you might encounter during your stay, including those concerning passports and visas, document notarizations, and real-estate closings.


Traveling is much easier when you can communicate on the go — making restaurant reservations, coordinating with friends, calling the family back home. You'll find that, while most cellphone rental services charge outlandish fees, our cellular phones are available at very reasonable rates, allowing you to send and receive not only calls but also text messages — both local and internationally.


Need to send or receive a fax? A FedEx package? Need an office to work out of for a week? Need document translations? Our full-service business center can handle any imaginable task.


Need reservations at a great restaurant? An appointment at a spa or beauty salon? Day passes to a gym? Tickets to a soccer or polo match? VIP access to the hottest nightclubs, parties, and fashion shows? Just like the concierge desk of a five-star hotel, we can provide all these services and more.